Donaghenry, County Tyrone

Parish and Townland (Donaghenry Civil Parish)

[Map]: Map showing the location of County Tyrone in Ireland
[Map]: Map showing the location of Donaghenry in County Tyrone, Ireland

Description of Donaghenry:

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The 1821 - 1851 census returns for Ireland were almost all destroyed in a fire, whereas the 1861 - 1891 census returns were destroyed by the government. However, full details from the 1901 & 1911 Census returns are available (and fully-searchable free-of-charge) on-line on the National Archives of Ireland website.

Townlands, Villages, & Towns of Donaghenry Parish

This is a list of the settlements listed in the GENUKI Gazetteer as being within Donaghenry Civil Parish, with links to the relevent GENUKI Town/Village page where available. Many places straddle parish boundaries, in which case they may be listed under each parish.

Aghalarg Townland
Aghalarg Bog Townland
Annaghone Townland
Ardpatrick Townland
Boyds Farm Townland
Brackaville Townland
Cahoo Townland
Castle Farm Townland
Cloghfin Townland
Common Moss Townland
Coolatinny Townland
DONAGHENRY Parish and Townland
Donaghey Townland
Dooragh Townland
Drumagullion Townland
Drumey Townland
Drumgormal Townland
Galvally Townland
Glebe of Donaghenry Townland
Gortacloghan Townland
Gortagammon Townland
Gortatray Townland
Gortatray Bog Townland
Gowshill Townland
High Cross Townland
Innevall Townland
Killymurphy Townland
Letterclery Townland
Liskittle Townland
Lislee Townland
Lisneight Townland
Lurgy Townland
Mullaghmoyle Townland
Mullantain Townland
Outlands of Galvally Townland
Parkers Farm Townland
Ross Townland
Roughan Townland
ROUSKY Hamlet and Townland
Rouskyro Townland
Sessia Townland
Shankey Townland
Sherrigrim Townland
Soarn Townland
Tamylennan Townland
Templereagh Townland
Tullagh Beg Townland
Tullagh More Townland
Tullyfaughan Townland
TULLYHOGUE Village and Townland
Tullylig Townland
Unicks Townland
Urbalreagh Townland

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Churches & Cemeteries:

The following places of worship and burial are listed in the GENUKI Church & Cemetery Database.

Donaghey: Congregationalist
Stewartstown: Baptist
Stewartstown: Church of Ireland, St Patrick
Stewartstown: Methodist (Wesleyan)
Stewartstown: Presbyterian
Stewartstown: Presbyterian
Stewartstown: Roman Catholic, St Mary

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Surnames interests for Donaghenry

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Strays from Donaghenry in Ships' Passenger Lists

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This place is located near to Lat/Lon 54.587643/-6.707854, which you can view on this selection of on-line maps:

Detailed 19th century Ordnance Survey maps for the whole of County Tyrone (at 6 inches to the mile), are available to view at the British Library in London (Reader Ticket needed) and on-line via the OSI Website.

Links to Geotagged Photographs:


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